Argireline Eye Cream: No-Needle Syringe

Here’s a new video showing how the new no-needle syringe delivery system works for delivering Argireline eye cream. This is the new packaging system used by Swiss-Ultimate Serum and Elite Serum.

After the video, you can get more details on the benefits of Argireline eye cream at the link below the video.

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Reclaim Argireline – What Reviews by Users are Saying

When the mainstream media starts to follow a trend in skincare, you can bet celebrity endorsements won’t be far behind. So it is with Reclaim Argireline by Victoria Principal.

Principal, as the celebrity endorser for Guthy-Renker (one of the largest direct-to-consumer skincare promotion companies) has had her own skincare line for some time. So it’s no surprise to see Victoria promoting Argireline as an ingredient for her line, considering a number of other major personalities are mentioning Argireline (including Dr Oz) and its proven (and some perhaps not so proven) benefits.

The Reclaim line is based on a subscription model, where products are shipped automatically to you. These are on a 30, 60 or 90-day kit cycle. There does appear to be some value for money with the Reclaim line, as you are essentially purchasing directly from the manufacturer. Whereas other Argireline anti-wrinkle products may go through a number of middle-men before they end up in your bedroom or bathroom.

Reclaim products are promoted as delivering, “meaningful results in line reduction, skin smoothness, exfoliation rate and hydration.”

We sought out some of the comments online about the latest products from the Reclaim line, containing Argireline. Here is what we found;

From 2011 and 2012, sourced from comments on;

Reclaim Review Comments 1:

“Just want to share my experience so far… I’ve only been using Reclaim for about two weeks. So far, I LOVE them. The cleanser is AWESOME! I know it works, because I use the ‘Double Wear’ foundation by Estee Lauder, and it takes it and my mascara off! Before I had to use several products in getting all that off. I really haven’t noticed any “lines or wrinkles disappearing”. However, I don’t have any deep ones yet. I’m forty years old, and I have a few lines around my eyes. I have noticed they appear ‘softer’, but again, haven’t been using but two weeks. The price is reasonable, I hope! I’ve only paid $30 and haven’t gotten any more bills yet. But, overall, I think this will be a great product line for women over 40!! It is very moisturizing… so, if you have “oily” skin, it may not be for you. However, it may sink right in, I’m not really sure.”

Reclaim Review Comments 2:

“…all the products up front or spread the payments out over three months. On the thirty day kit introductory kit you get alot of products for $19.95 The product size is not as large as the 90 day kit. These are not just samples though. They are pretty good size. On a 90 day kit you get a lot of full size products for the money. After the first shipment you can customize your kit and choose what you want and how much you want to spend. You also chose to pay all will you order or spread it out over three months. I love this skin care line and the way it is set up. They also send free products on your initial kit and I received two free products on my second kit. I think is is a wonderful value. I saw results in my first week. I am sold on reclaim.”

Reclaim Review Comments 3:

“If your worried about sensitivity try the Principle Secret advanced line. It was created for people with sensitive skin. I use Reclaim but ordered the Advanced line for my daughter because she has sensitive skin. I can’t imagine any of these products causing sensitivity. Not even the eye syrums and creams. I tried the Cindy Crawford line and it does irritate my eyes. Also very greasy. This line is wonderful and am on my second 90 day kit. I saw results with the Reclaim line in the first week. Customer service is wonderful.

You can postpone a shipment and customize your kit. I ran out of some products with my first kit and that will never happen again. I have a microdermabrasion system and honestly the mask and peel does a better job. The cleanser does not leave your skin dry and the products are not greasy. They plump the skin and reduce lines and wrinkles. I have read that nothing can really tighten pores but this line does. It tightens pores so much so that my skin never ever breaks out. It is amazing. Ordering the auto ship directly from the internet or calling is a better value than ordering from QVC. I think she has a starter kit now for $19.95. I am sure she stands by her guarantee. If your not satisfied send the products back for a refund.”

Reclaim Review Comments 4:

“Although the price was reasonable, I tried the introductory Reclaim line and found that it did absolutely nothing – there seemed to be no firming properties at all. My skin felt and appeared no different after using it for almost a month. Needless to say I called and made certain that no other Reclaim products were shipped to me and threw the entire line out.

As for a product that makes skin feel firmed, I’ll stick with what I was using: Arbonne Re9 Advanced Instant Lift Gel. Makes my skin feel lifted and refreshed. Use after cleansing face.

Take it from me: I ordered Reclaim, tried it, and was glad I hadn’t spent a lot on the line as I threw it in the trash!”

So there you have it. A broad spectrum of comments from around the web. Mostly positive and some negative, which is to be expected from skincare and anti0wrinkle products in general, as one solution can never be good for all.

The best recommendation we have is try a small quantity of a particular Argireline product before you purchase any large quantity. And make sure you can send the products back for a full refund, if you are not happy for any reason. Reclaim anti-aging products do have a 60-day guarantee.

Here is a Reclaim Argireline review from a YouTube user (you can tell from the video she is NOT a pro, but that makes the review all the more real);

You can find out about the side-effects of Argireline and Hyaluronic Acid (two common ingredients in today’s latest anti-wrinkle products) here;

You can take a self-evaluation to see if Argireline (found in certain Reclaim products) can help you, here;

Argireline in The News – Elite Serum

Argireline in the News

According to Marketwatch press releases, Elite Serum is expanding its sales base to Europe. This well-established Argireline Serum brand has a sales base online, with reporting monthly unique hits of over 6,000 per month.

Containing Argireline and over 5 other hydrating ingredients, Elite Serum is on the list of many consumers to further explore as a potential Argireline anti wrinkle treatment.

According to Marketwatch;

The world class eye serum now has firm grip on global distribution, thanks to a partnership with Amazon UK. The popular Elite Serum is now available for rapid delivery with Amazon fulfillment in the following EU countries: Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Sweden.

“We listened to our loyal European customer base. Any time we can cut down on shipping costs and delivery time, we know we’re in a winning situation,” stated Richard Banks, CTO of the parent company, Skin Pro International. “ has been a pleasure to work with in the USA and we know they will serve our European customers with care,” added Banks.

Elite Serum resembles an injection, with its sleek design resembling a medical syringe. The contents inside the Elite Serum are incredible — powerful peptide ingredients like Argireline, which was met with rave reviews from Dr. Oz in a recent show in Times Square, New York; make it the most complete skin rejuvenation product on the market. “The blend of peptides and natural antioxidants will help users achieve a more youthful appearance. Dark under eye circles, uneven skin tones, wrinkles forming around the corner’s of the eyes, eye bags, and under eye puffiness, Elite Serum has an answer for every symptom of aging,” concluded Banks.

Already a top seller online and in select boutique distributors in North America, Elite Serum has been a resounding success in Europe since its launch in 2009. Recently re-packaged and re-formulated, Elite Serum has been in talks to distribute the product in emerging markets such as United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong. Skin Pro President Tim Schmidt has been in talks with numerous distribution avenues and credits the success of Elite Serum to the laboratory staff. “Like our website says, this isn’t your Mother’s department store eye serum. Great minds in pharmacology and anti aging have outdone their previous work. We’re very proud of the product and customers are very happy with the new formula.”

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Argireline Cream: Does it Work?

The emergence of new breakthrough products such as Argireline cream can be exhilarating for us consumers, but also as end-users we should know a little about Argireline effects , both positive and negative.

What is Argireline Cream?

Argireline is a peptide used in the cosmetic industry to lessen skin wrinkles as a result of aging. It belongs to the class of chemicals called peptides and its makeup is somewhat similar to Botulinum toxin or more popularly known as “Botox”. Of all the peptides used in cosmetology, Argireline is one of the most potent and most promising. Because of this property, some dermatologists describe its action as a “vanishing act”.

Argireline Side Effects: The Good

The primary action or Argireline is to reduce wrinkles that are deep seated within certain areas of the skin. These areas include the forehead and the area around the eyes. Much like Botulinum toxin (Botox), this potent peptide reduces muscle contraction or movement that causes wrinkle formation in the said areas. But how exactly does Argireline do this?

Argireline Cream Modulates Calcium Activity within the Cells

This peptide has a particular action on the cells, and this includes the modulation of calcium in the cells found within the deeper layers of the skin. Deeply seated within the layers of the skin are muscular structures that control movement. Facial expressions such as smiling, frowning, and raising an eyebrow are possible because of these muscles. Muscle movement is controlled by calcium, and this is what Argireline targets. By modulating calcium within the muscle cells, this peptide controls or lessens muscle movement to prevent wrinkles.

Argireline Prevents Catecholamine Release

Catecholamines are chemicals released by the body in response to stress. Cathecolamines such as epinephrine and nor-epinephrine equip the body with the necessary mechanisms to battle stress. However, these chemicals also have adverse effects on one’s skin after long exposure. These stress chemicals prevent ample blood supply to the skin, leaving the skin poorly nourished and prone to wrinkle formation. Another one of the good Argireline side effects is it somewhat modulates catecholamine release, allowing the skin to have proper blood supply and nourishment.

Argireline Cream Attenuates Deep Wrinkles

In a clinical study done on 30 healthy volunteers, Argireline is found to reduce or diminish deep wrinkles in the skin, especially in the areas around the eyes, and in the forehead. In the clinical study each volunteer is applied with Argireline cream showed a decrease in the wrinkles, depth of the wrinkles, and even a decrease in roughness of the skin. Overall, the skin wrinkles decreased by 30%. Clinical trials have shown that this peptide does not cause skin irritation among the subjects. Further tests show that Argireline cream does not cause genotoxicity, an event where chemicals alter a cell’s genetic makeup. Because of this, Argireline is claimed safe for consumer use.

Argireline Side Effects: Ones to Look Out For

Long-term effects of Argireline are not yet fully known, being a synthetic peptide that was developed just recently. Because it is a new development, its long-term effects are not yet known or studied. Long term effects play a key role in the emergence of certain conditions or diseases. This is because certain conditions can arise from the cumulative effects of a compound used for a long time. For now we know the immediate effects of Argireline, but Argireline side effects that are long term still remain a mystery.

Minute Muscle Changes

Remember that Argireline cream also has the same action as Botulinum toxin (Botox). This peptide somehow alters muscular movement in the face. This effect can be minute or it can be dramatic depending on the person’s reaction to the compound. Muscle changes can include facial spasms, changes in sensation, or inability to control facial movement and expression. Again these effects can be minute or dramatic, they could be present or absent, and they highly vary from person to person.

Though Argireline can decrease the visible effects of aging, it does not, in any way stop this process. The thing about anti-aging creams and products is they just slow the hands of time. Constant use can lessen the wrinkles but it cannot fully eradicate them. However, reducing the incidence of wrinkles is important for many women and men – doing so with Argireline is a lot less painful and less expensive than Botox.